ARK Animal Rescue Saves Abandoned Dogs & Cats
DeLand FL Staff and Cops Raid ARK 
 Steal Animals & Medicines


City staff and commissioners should be fired: Mayor Apgar, Commissioner Matusick, Deputy Randel Henderson, Assistant Manager Dale Arrington were called during the raid - they refused to help!

     Code enforcer Michelle Realander told ARK volunteers she didn't have to tell them why she was stealing ARK's animals or put anything into writing. 

Unjust Invasion:

DeLand Florida City Staff and Police Brutalize Non-Profit,

Steal $11,000 in Private Property

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ARK - Animal Rescue Konsortium, Inc. - 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to rescuing abandoned and injured cats and dogs and finding them forever homes. Contacts:, [email protected]

DeLand City Hall staff wanted ARK's property at 441 S Woodland, adjacent to their planned bus station (Photo below). They knew the owners wouldn't sell and the city had no legitimate reason to acquire through eminent domain so did corrupt officials manufactured a way to obtain the property - RAID ARK and cause the non-profit to be unable to pay the mortgage. THE CITY NEEDED THE BUILDING FOR ITS BUS STATION OFFICE; GREYHOUND REFUSED TO RETURN TO DELAND IF AN OFFICE WASN'T AT THE BUS STATION! Was this the reason for the RAID?

     Only problem the city didn't know: ARK didn't make the mortgage payments!! Someone else did. GOT 'CHA!

Are DeLand City Officials morally bankrupt? Read this story then decide for yourself.

ark's animal rescue center

Photos at left show destruction by City Officials

 During the two day raid code enforcer Michelle Realander and police refused ARK's volunteers access to the Center to feed, walk, water, or medicate sick animals. City officials refused volunteers permission to clean kitty litter boxes or dog kennels. 

     Cats and dogs sat in their urine and feces and 

defecated in their food bowls. Ill animals received no medication.

     Blood on the porch was from kittens healing after being spayed and neutered two days earlier. They were injured when the police harshly snatched from their kennels. 

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