ARK Animal Rescue Saves Abandoned Dogs & Cats
DeLand FL Staff and Cops Raid ARK 
 Steal Animals & Medicines


Questions to Consider as Insanity Reigns in DeLand FL

Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in is the rule.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

  • If ARK was cruel why did the city repeatedly request it take dogs even two days prior to the raid?[1]
  • Why did the city repeatedly request Hall’s expertise on animal care?[2]
  • If officials were concerned over ARK’s outside dogs, the city’s dogs, why didn’t they demand immediate relocation during the multiple meetings over a two year period Hall had with city staff?
  • Why did the city confiscate over $1,000 worth of ARK’s medicines and refuse to return them?
  • Why did the city refuse to return ARK’s animals valued at over $10,000?
  • If the city was concerned for the welfare of ARK’s animals why did employees separate medical records from the animals and never attempt to match the records with the animals after their confiscation and dispersal to half a dozen locations? [3]
  • Why did the city believe anonymous complaints against ARK?
  • Why did the city keep the complaints against ARK secret?
  • Why didn’t the city bring the witnesses to the hearing who wrote complaints against ARK?

[1] Email to Hall from Ridgeway, 11.6.12

[2] Email to Hall from Ridgeway, 6.14.12

[3] Calls to ARK for records, Seminole Co. Animal Control, Flagler Co. Humane Society, Pets by Judy, Sanford, 11.20.12